• Pelton Wheel Turbine Parts Working Advantages Formulas

     · The Pelton wheel turbine is a tangential flow impulse turbine used for high heads of water and It is invented by Lester Allan Pelton an American Engineer. The energy available at the inlet of the turbine is only kinetic energy. The pressure energy at the inlet and outlet of the turbine is atmospheric. This is a hydraulic turbine and the main

  • Working principle and characteristics of electromagnetic

     · Working principle and characteristics of electromagnetic flowmeter. Electromagnetic flowmeter is a flowmeter for flow measurement according to Faraday s basic law of electromagnetic induction. The advantage of electromagnetic flowmeter is that the pressure loss is small can measure the flow range is large.

  • Electric discharge machining (edm)SlideShare

     · PRINCIPLE • The principle of EDM is also called electro discharge or spark erosion or electro erosion is based on erosion of metals by spark discharges. • Since when two current carrying conductors/wires are allowed to touch each other an arc is produced.If we look closely at the point of contact b/w the two wires we note that a small

  • Working Principle of a Pressure SensorVariohm EuroSensor

    Working Principle of a Pressure Transducer. Pressure transducers have a sensing element of constant area and respond to force applied to this area by fluid pressure. The force applied will deflect the diaphragm inside the pressure transducer. The deflection of the internal diaphragm is measured and converted into an electrical output.

  • The Functions and Basic Working Principles of Crystal

     · Ⅱ Working Principle of Crystal Oscillator. The crystal can be electrically equivalent to a capacitor and a resistor in parallel and then connected in series with a capacitor. The electrical network has two resonance points. The frequency is high and low and the lower frequency is series resonance. The high frequency is a parallel resonance.

  • Digital Voltmeters Working Principle of Digital Voltmeter

     · The block diagram of a simple digital voltmeter is shown in the figure. Explanation of various blocks Input signal It is basically the signal i.e. voltage to be measured. Pulse generator Actually it is a voltage source.It uses digital analog or both techniques to generate a rectangular pulse. The width and frequency of the rectangular pulse is controlled by the digital circuitry inside the

  • Brief Introduction of The Working Principle of Laser

     · Laser cutting machine has been widely used to cut various thin metal sheets. In this case we need to know more about the laser cutting machine to meet the market demand. This article mainly introduces the working principle of laser cutting machine. Click to get more information.

  • Electric Discharge Machining Parts Working Applications

     · Working Principle of Electric Discharge Machining. The workpiece and the tool are electrically connected to dc electric power. The workpiece is connected to the ve terminal it becomes the anode. The tool is the cathode. A gap known as the ‘spark-gap’ in the ranges of 0.005 to 0.05 mm is maintained between the workpiece and the tool.

  • What is Chopper Definition and Working Principle

     · While a chopper whose average value of DC output voltage is less than the DC input voltage is called Step-down chopper. Working Principle of Chopper A chopper is a high speed ON/OFF switch. It connected source to load and disconnects the load from the source at a fast speed. Figure below represents the simple circuit to show its working

  • Piezoelectric TransducerWorking Circuit Advantages

    Slowly varying parameters can be measured with quartz. Rochelle salt gives the highest output values but it is sensitive to environmental conditions and cannot be operated above 1150F. Piezoelectric Transducer Working. Piezoelectric Transducer works with the principle of piezoelectricity. The faces of piezoelectric material usual quartz is

  • DC Generator Working Principle Diagrams Electrical4U

     · The above content is the basic working principle of DC generator explained by single loop generator model. The positions of the brushes of DC generator are so that the change over of the segments a and b from one brush to other takes place when the plane of rotating coil is at a right angle to the plane of the lines of force.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Laser cutting uses the laser beam as the heat source for hot cutting its working principle is similar to laser welding. The temperature of laser cutting exceed 11000 ℃ which would have made any material gasification therefore gasification also plays an important role in addition to the melting during laser cutting

  • Large output cubic Hookah Shisha charcoal production line

     · Add a certain amount of charcoal powder or coal powder binder and water into the mixing barrel of the charcoal mixer. The electric motor on the top of the mixer will drive the two stirring axes in the mixing barrel to mix the wet powder evenly so that can make sure that the final shisha charcoal will have high density. mks_col mks_one_half 3.

  • How a Plasma Cutter Works Lincoln Electric

     · A plasma cutter will use this electrically conductive gas to transfer energy from a power supply to any conductive material resulting in a cleaner faster cutting process than with oxyfuel. The plasma arc formation begins when a gas such as oxygen nitrogen argon or even shop air is forced through a small nozzle orifice inside the torch.

  • Amplidyne Schematic Diagram Working Differences Its

    What is an Amplidyne Definition The most common frequent version of the Metadyne is known as amplidyne. It includes a motor a generator where an AC motor with a constant speed can be connected mechanically to a dc generator. The amplidyne working principle is to supply large DC currents by placing heavy loads by using servo or synchro systems. At present these are outdated technology as

  • Electro Discharge Machining Working Parts Advantage

     · Working Principle of Electrical Discharge Machining It consists of an electric power supply the dielectric medium the tool workpiece and servo control. The workpiece is connected to the positive terminal and the tool is connected to a negative terminal of the DC power supply.

  • Working Of Hydraulic Electric Electrohydraulic Power

     · Electric Power Steering. As the name suggests electric power steering makes use of the electric aid to ease the effort of the driver. In this case an electric motor is connected to the steering assembly and the driver’s input is sent to the ECU (Electric Control Unit) of the vehicle along with other inputs like the torque by the driver

  • What is an Induction Generator (Working Principle with

     · The output frequency and volts are regulated by the power system in the Induction Generators and are independent of speed variations. The self-regulation effect minimizes control system complexity. Induction generators are useful in applications such as mini-hydropower plants wind turbines or in reducing high-pressure gas streams to lower

  • Step Down TransformerWorking Principle Equation Types

     · The step-up transformer output is given to a high tension transmission line which transports the power/electricity over the miles. This is done to reduce voltage drop. Once this power reaches its consumption point/ end sub station then with the help of step-down transformer it is reduced to the desired value i.e. 220V-240V.

  • Working Principle of Fully Automatic High Cycle

    The working principle of fully automatic high-cycle synchronous fuse is to use the high-cycle electromagnetic field produced by the self-exciting oscillator of the electron tube. In the high-cycle electromagnetic field between the upper and lower electrodes of the processed plastic the internal molecules of the fuse are polarized by the high

  • Diesel Generator TechWhat Is the Working Principle of

     · The principle is that the stator and the rotor of the generator are connected by the bearing and the end cover so that the rotor can rotate in the stator and does the movement of cutting magnetic line thus generating the induction potential which is led out through the terminal and connected in the loop and the current is generated.. There are many forms of generators but their working

  • An inductor-free auto-power-management design built-in

     · Working principle of the power-management design. The high output current peaks in both the AC Supplementary information). 2.6. Output of TENG with power-management unit of N=5. The design of the metal areas and the electric brushes in the power-management unit with N=5 is presented in Fig. 3a (top view)

  • Realization of high-efficiency and high-output

     · Taiwan’s electricity consumption during summer increases significantly owing to the abnormal climatic changes caused by the greenhouse effect. An expedient strategy to develop a high-efficiency magnetic power generator can address the existing problem of power shortage in Taiwan. The magnetic power generator uses the force between the polarity of the magnet and the induced magnetic field of

  • How Plasma Cutting Works and What Is Plasma Cutting

     · Image shows a worker cutting the metal with a plasma cutter. Image Author is Jbolles on Flicker.. If you want to use a handheld plasma system(110v/220v plasma cutting machines) it’s a good idea to know that when the system is in the OFF state the nozzle and the electrode are going to be touching within the torch.As soon as you squeeze the trigger you produce a DC current from the

  • What is working principle of electric circuit for solar

     · This electric circuit is made up of battery charging circuit power on/off circuit and drive circuit. Charging circuit consists of solar panel V1 diode D1 and battery V2. Power circuit is made up of audion Q1 and resistance R2. Drive circuit is made up of audion Q2. 2.

  • The Working Principle of High-Power Adjustable Switching

     · Using Buck-type switching power supply topology with a single PWM output MC33060 as a control IC and dual output IR2110 driver chip We can design a high-voltage high-power switching power supply as an effective solution to adjustable high-voltage Switching power supply circuit. Which can solve the problem effectively that in the non-isolated topology the common switching power supply can not reach high

  • Antenna working principle and the main parameters

    Linear antennas and antenna face the basic working principle is the same. (C) the working principle of antenna Antenna itself is an oscillator but with the ordinary LC oscillation circuit different it is the ordinary oscillation loop deformation. Figure 1-9 show the evolution

  • Wind Power Plant Working Principleyour electrical guide

    This is the basic wind power plant working principle. The total wind power is equal to the incoming kinetic energy of the wind stream. It can be expressed as Total wind power Pt = (ρACi3)/2. Where ρ = density of air (in kg/m 3) A = rotor swept area = πr 2 (r = radius of blades in meters) C i

  • Types Construction and Working Principle of Synchronous

    Working principle. The working principle of alternator is very simple. It is just like basic principle of DC generator. It also depends upon Faraday s law of electromagnetic induction which says the current is induced in the conductor inside a magnetic field when there is a relative motion between that conductor and the magnetic field.

  • Static Excitation SystemWorking Principle Electrical

     · Principle of Static Excitation System. In Static Excitation System power for providing field excitation is derived from the Generator output terminals. A transformer know as Excitation Transformer is connected to the output terminals of Generator to step down the voltage to required voltage level usually 415 V AC.

  • Piezo Electric Crystals Principle Construction working

     · Piezo Electric Crystals. The crystals which produce piezo-electric effect and converse Piezo electric effect are termed as Piezo electric crystal. Example Quartz Tourmaline Rochelle Salts etc. It has an hexagonal shape with pyramids attached at both ends. It consists of 3 axes. Viz. (ii) Electrical axis (X axis) which joins the corners of

  • Piezo Electric Crystals Principle Construction working

     · Piezo Electric Crystals. The crystals which produce piezo-electric effect and converse Piezo electric effect are termed as Piezo electric crystal. Example Quartz Tourmaline Rochelle Salts etc. It has an hexagonal shape with pyramids attached at both ends. It consists of 3 axes. Viz. (ii) Electrical axis (X axis) which joins the corners of

  • How Electric Locomotives (Electric Trains) Work

    AC (Alternating Current) or. on both (AC/DCBi-current). Electric Locomotives though high on electrical engineering work on the single principle of drawing current from external sources and then after sufficiently modifying it feed it to the traction motors. The process of modifying the raw current drawn from outside into

  • Bending machine working principleHARSLE MACHINE

     · Bending machine working principle. ⒈-- Turn the handwheel to fine tune the distance of the slider at the bottom dead center to take the positive workpiece angle value push the handle in the left coupling is disengaged and turn the handwheel to adjust the slider between the bottom dead center and the work surface. The bending angle is poor.

  • Principle Design and Future of Inchworm Type

     · The inchworm type piezoelectric actuator is one novel actuator to ensure a large working stroke with high resolution which has attracted the continuous attentions from researchers all over the world. In this study the motion principle of the inchworm type piezoelectric is discussed the walker pattern the pusher pattern and hybrid walker-pusher pattern.

  • High output power density of a shear-mode piezoelectric

     · The output voltage and maximum output current are 21.6 V pp and 6 10 −4 A pp respectively under an inertial force of 0.25 N. This output current and power density are 5.5 times and 3.0 times respectively higher than those of the same structured energy harvester made from soft piezoelectric ceramics.